Employee holiday gifts are a great way to reinforce and shape your corporate culture.

Holiday gifts should reflect the the organizations mission, values, culture and personality. Wellness engagement should be reflected in the company’s culture and can solidify the value of health and well-being in the minds of your employees and prospective employees. The right gift can reflect the company’s care towards employees and their well-being. 

Wondering what to distribute to your employees this holiday season, look no further. Here are 5 ideas to inspire your gift planning:

1. Branded Wellness Calendar. Set the foundation for a healthy mindset by sharing positive tips and inspiration to help employees get a healthy start to the new year. Personalize with company or wellness program logo and wellness website address. 
Mail to individual homes with a cover letter/ greeting. Customize dates with special events, incentive deadlines and more. 

2. Stress reducing coloring book. Help your population manage stress with sophisticated coloring pages combined with emotional well-being tips and tools.  Add a set of colored pencils and introduce employees to the world of adult coloring.

3.Custom notebooks or journal. Physically writing things is making a comeback. Journalling improves memory, reduces stress and anxiety and boost mood. 

4. Phone grips and cases. PopSockets and phone accessories have lots of staying power and can be customized with your wellness logo and colors.

5. SWAG items. Water bottles, lunch coolers, yoga mats, stress kits, cookbooks and more. Any item that helps make a healthier choice easier is a great option!



Contact us at Inspired Perspectives to help put together a creative holiday gift or kit to enhance employee well-being, solidify your brand and let employees know your company cares about them!

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