Stress Coloring BookIf you haven’t heard about the coloring book craze for adults, get ready because this popular activity isn’t likely to fade soon. Adults are stressed, over extended and in need of healthy ways to re-charge and replenish. Coloring generates wellness, quietness and also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity. The knowledge of the benefits of coloring isn’t new. Carl G. Jung was one of the first psychologists to apply coloring as a relaxation technique in the early 20th century.
So how can wellness programs utilize coloring for employee emotional well-being?
Try a coloring contest. Distribute coloring books and have people share their favorite creations.
-A quiet coloring room. Leave a few coloring books with colored pencils in break rooms or conference rooms. A coloring break of just 5 to 10 minutes can refresh and clear the mind.
-Gifts, give-a ways, prizes. Distribute to kick off a stress program, as holiday gifts, or use as an incentives.

Colorful Perspectives; Inspiration for Emotional Well-Being is now available with or without colored pencils. Visit page for sample.

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