How can an image work to make people healthier?

What we see affects what we think and do. We know that images are powerful. Visuals quickly transmit information to our brain, trigger emotions and help us learn and remember. Studies show that visuals impact decision making and have an influential role in guiding people to take action. 

More than wellness communications

When is a wellness communication more than just an informative marketing tool? When graphics and words come together as “awe inspiring art” that is designed to have a positive effect on the physical body and mental state. 

The brain is skilled at discerning familiarity and meaning from patterns and forms. Each time a person looks at art, the brain:

Everyone’s reaction to art may be different, but it’s ability to impact emotions and deep thoughts is unquestioned.

There is scientific evidence that art has an impact on brain wave patterns and emotions, the nervous system, and can actually raise serotonin levels. Art can change a person’s outlook and the way they experience the world.  

Embodied Cognition

Rather than just thinking art is beautiful, we want to place ourselves in the scenes we are viewing. Mirror neurons in the brain transform things like action, movement and energy seen in art into actual emotions a person can feel by a brain process called embodied cognition. 

A piece depicting a desert landscape, can make one feel the effects of the hot sun, the sand beneath their feet and the sound of a soft breeze.

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