Does your strategy to implement the Affordable Care Act contradict any of the HIPAA Provisions?shutterstock_94845358

Did you know… many HIPAA provisions contradict some of the popular strategies employers are currently using to implement ACA? This information was new to me too! The Affordable Care Act and wellness provisions have brought so many questions, and so few have the answers. Don’t get tripped up in ACA confusion. There are experts out there who not only UNDERSTAND these rules, but are offering 1 day courses to help brokers and employers avoid exposure to litigation and suggest sound strategies.

As a wellness professional, I was asked to teach a course accredited by the state of Florida to brokers across the state on ACA’s wellness provisions. As soon as I had finished presenting the course statewide for a year, the PROVISIONS CHANGED! It’s easy to just turn away and become numb to all of it and wait to see what happens, but the truth is, we can’t. It’s too important and, “I didn’t know” isn’t something that anyone of us wants to hear from out trusted consultants or have to use as an answer.


The Health Care Reform Center and Policy Institute is offering $50 off to clients and colleagues of Inspired Perspectives who sign up for Certification and Training course to avoid exposure to litigation next month in DC (6/3), Atlanta (6/11) and Tampa (6/17).

Use the code INSPIRE for $50 off when you REGISTER.

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