Choosing Virtual Well-Being ChallengesNow more than ever, businesses are looking for creative ways to engage employees, encourage self-care and keep employees feeling inspired and productive.

Virtual well-being challenges can be a refreshing and exciting option for employees working from the office or remotely. Instead of trying to get people excited about getting on the treadmill, stimulate their sense of curiosity and adventure with cleverly crafted challenges designed to peak their interest and continually delivery timely tips, inspiring messages and unlocking fun clues around every corner.

There are so many online challenges, here are a few tips to plan and choose which challenge or platform may be right for your business:

  1. Content. Many challenge sites can track steps and calculate reports, but creative content that is based on behavior modification that creates interest and action is the key. Content should be just the right amount to keep attention while not overloading or overwhelming participants.
  2. Technology. The site should be user friendly of course and allow self-tracking as well as syncing to devices or apps.
  3. Incentives. Offering rewards and prizes for participants that achieve goals and milestones, rather than just those who has the most steps or points is the way to reach all employees, especially those who need the motivation. Your over achievers don’t need the positive reinforcement or to win every time.
  4. Reporting. Real time reporting that can differentiate between team and individual efforts and give the data needed to keep participation up and people coming back.
  5. Excitement. Anytime you can build a buzz or capture a person’s sense of adventure you have gotten started on the right foot. The right marketing materials, themes and ideas can create a stir.
  6. Variety. While physical activity challenges a are fun and exciting way to team up and compete, keep challenges well rounded by addressing mental and emotional wellness and other behaviors too. Topics such as resilience, mindfulness, sleep, acts of kindness and stress management can be just as or more important to keeping employees well.
  7. Affordability! Quality doesn’t come cheap, but it doesn’t have to drain your budget either. Ask about levels of service, what’s included and what expensive set up fees cover. There should be a way to pay for those who participate and cap the number so there are no surprises.

If you are planning on choosing well-being challenges for the fall a few themes that pair well with Halloween include:

Run for Your Life Zombie Challenge – Zombies are real and really hungry in this challenge where you don’t have to be the fastest, just faster than the person behind you. Outrun and outsmart the zombies and save the world! Click here for a 30 sec. promo video.

Tread Lightly Ghost Hunting 101 Challenge – Step lightly, but keep moving forward through this virtual tour of the  nation’s most haunted locations.

Speed of Light Challenge – 2020 isn’t over yet, but maybe there is a way to travel through time in this interstellar challenge. Stephen Hawking is having a party and your employees are invited. The only obstacle is the party takes place in the PAST. Participants will have fun learning about space time and gather clues to possibly help them travel to the party while encouraging all to take good care of their health now for their future self to enjoy! Click here to watch a 1-min promo video.

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