As the Coronavirus spreads across the globe and now into the U.S. many people are getting concerned about how a local outbreak will effect their work/life. How can employee wellness programs help protect employees physically and mentally in what the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global emergency.

The CDC released Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), February 2020.  Recommended strategies are laid out from preventing stigma and discrimination to communications about hand sanitizing and encouraging employees with acute respiratory symptoms to STAY HOME. 

The video below is a concise highlight of CDC’s recommendations. Less than 1-minute watch time:

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Pandemics Also Spread Worry and Fear

In addition to hand washing communications and urging sick employees to stay home, IP suggests preparing emotionally. Messaging to encourage precautions and prevention to help stop the spread of infectious disease is important, but can also create stress and worry. Be sure to include stress relieving communications to help ease anxiety and uncertainty.

Outbreaks such as the Coronavirus can can understandably infuse fear in most individuals. This fear and concern can be amplified by pre-existing anxiety and depressive disorders. Below are two resources to utilize with employees to help circulate the messages of proper hand washing and also to keep stressful stressful situations in perspective. 

Below are two articles to download and share with your population. 
Everyone Must Wash There Hands is taken from the Well-Being Library
Stressful Situations is an upcoming article scheduled for the April 2020 Healthy Perspectives Digest soon to be released.


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If you would like more communication resources or a custom flyer, article or 1-minute video for your population, contact us at*Turnaround times can be a quick as 24 hours. 


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