When employees feel respected and appreciated they will become more productive, more loyal and more engaged. Half of all employees who say that they do not feel valued at work report that they intend to look for a new job in the next year. On the positive side, employees who do feel valued are more likely to report:
– Better physical and mental health.
– Higher levels of engagement.
– Satisfaction and motivation.

When a person is feeling valued, it makes sense that they are motivated to do their best work. So what is the secret of the happiest employees and how can businesses create workplace satisfaction to boost business productivity and gain a competitive edge? How can employers make employees feel valued? If as a wellness program or employee program manager you don’t have the decision-making power of a top-level executive, you may feel this is our of your control. There are simple ways that you can deliver the message to your population that helps them feel appreciated that they and their hard work is valued by the company.

Recognition can serve as a great motivator. Encourage co-workers and managers to share positive feedback when a job is well done. This can be done by sharing emails, posting on company message boards to share an amazing experience or even highlighting employees contributions or successes in a company newsletter. Letting your employees know that they’re making an impact will remind the how important their work and their role is.

Incentive Programs. Programs that reward with points that can be redeemed for anything from extra-vacation, work from home days or shopping for items on a reward platform.

Communicate Genuine Appreciation and Care. The best way a company can show it cares about their employees is by genuinely caring and appreciating their workers. This can be apparent from things like employee programs, training, benefits and other perks that can have a big impact. Organizations can also express company values through mass communications with employees. Communications should not only express care about employees health and well-being, but also by sharing inspiration and simple action steps to help employees thrive at work and at  home.

Fun fact: Three out of 4 companies have recognition programs, but only 58% of employees know about them.

Inspired Perspectives can help to convey to employees your organization’s appreciation via communications, reward programs and through helpful tools that enhance personal vitality. 

*American Psychological Association Survey

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