shutterstock_854894142Sleep is probably one of the easiest things that a workplace well-being program can address to improve health and productivity. Many companies want to raise their competitiveness and increase profits through productivity and efficiency of their workforce. Instead, corporate culture has long rewarded the employee that comes in early and stays late.

A tired staff is unproductive, unhappier and at higher risk for getting sick.

Not getting enough sleep can affect employees and the companies bottom line by leading to:

How to help staff get well-rested.

There are simply not enough hours in the day to get work and personal tasks done. This constant need to do more in less time has lead to the decline of adequate sleep. According to the CDC about 30 % of Americans report getting fewer than six hours of sleep a night.

Measures workplaces can try to put in place may be:

A good night’s sleep seems so simple, but just a small sleep deficit can affect relationships, social skills, decisions-making, judgment and other complex thinking. To learn more about our sleep solutions or information about setting up sleep focused wellness programs contact us!


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