When it comes to delivering messages to motivate your population to eat healthier try focusing on appetizing pleasures, rather than foods to avoid or listing benefits of heathy foods.

Just because something is good for you doesn’t mean it can’t taste good, too. Creating flavors you crave will empower you to eat well without sacrificing the taste.┬áHere area few methods to prepare flavorful food that is apt to entice:

Savor the Flavor
Marinate. Marinades can make food more flavorful as well as tender, before it to the grill or pan.
Pan Sear meat, poultry and fish on high-heat to brown meat and intensify flavors.
Roast/SlowCook. Add herbs, seasonings and/or liquid like wine to roast or slow cook your vegetables and proteins. Your meal will take on the flavor you want while also tenderizing.


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