If your aim is an optimal wellness program with a wider focus on well-being, then a consistent communication tailored to your culture is a must!

Wellness newsletters have been a staple for successful wellness programs for years and that’s why so many corporations practice delivering a monthly newsletter to:

Writing, designing and publishing a wellness newsletter every month can be a challenge. While the internet has wellness information available to everyone, it’s difficult to identify sourced information from trusted authorities that is evidence-based and motivational.

Information is everywhere, but content that is original, inspirational, entertaining and has something of interest for everyone is no small task. Subscribing to a personalized wellness newsletter from a well-being communication company that specializes in original content and employee engagement can:

Save significant dollars. One newsletter issue can take at least 20-80 hours of staff time to create when you include research, writing, designing, editing and customizing.
Make it fun. Weave in your organization’s culture through branding, success stories, promoting benefits, programs and challenges.
Increase engagement. Boost enrollment in benefits, wellness challenges, wellness website portal visits and increase preventive visits.
Make wellness more appealing. Evidence-based content delivered in a creative writing style that is more appealing and emotionally relevant to individuals.

Healthy Perspectives Digest is more than a wellness newsletter. It is a dynamic publication to create awareness, inspire motivation, drive engagement and achieve successful outcomes that is:

Affordable. The smallest line item on your budget, yet likely the most crucial.
Easy to access. Post online, email, use on devices, or even print.
Effective. Employees get your messages.

Healthy Perspectives Digest is a customizable monthly communication available in electronic or print format that can integrate all your content as the marketing centerpiece of your successful wellness program. Learn more


“My VP told me that we had a substantial increase in enrollment in our plan and asked me what I attributed it to. I told him we promoted it in our latest newsletter issue. ”  – Director of Benefits of Fortune 500 Retail Company

“I signed up my client to Teladoc but engagement was low even after sending brochures and emails. Since promoting Teladoc in the employee newsletter we had an increase in engagement by almost 28% in the first month.” Health Benefits Broker

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