February is heart health month, but how can you communicate healthy heart information to your population so that it’s meaningful to them and the ones they love? Start by sharing messages that will create an emotional reaction to get their attention and give them a Healthy Valentine Card to give. 

Start by asking what WOULDN’T you do for your loved one? Most people will say that there is nothing they wouldn’t do or sacrifice for their kids, spouse/partner and even pets. So with that mindset remind them there are lifestyle choices they can make that will give them more confidence and peace of mind that they are preventing a heart attack or stroke that could take them away from their loved ones who need them.

People have a strong need for control. Controlling the environment around them and their lives. Share which risks for heart disease your population can be in control of including:

Cigarette smoking – smokers are more likely to suffer a heart attack at least 10 years sooner than nonsmokers. What major life event can be missed by leaving the world a decade sooner?

Blood pressure – There are no warning signs. Getting tested is the only way to know.

Cholesterol – Keep blood and oxygen flowing to and from the heart by keeping the arteries clear.

Healthy weight –  Just a 5-10% weight loss helps lower risk.

Physical activity – As little as 30 minutes a day lowers chances of stroke, heart attack, cancer, high blood pressure and other diseases. That’s worth a longer walk with the dog for sure!

Healthy eating – More fruits, vegetables, fiber and low- fat protein, and less sugar, fat and salt.

Diabetes – All the lifestyle changes listed above lower this risk at the same time!

DOWNLOAD the attached Valentine’s Day Card employees can share with a promise for their Valentine!

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