Cultures are changing and wellness programs are being challenged to adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of remote and hybrid workforces. Strategies for improving lives and building organizational resilience through safety, health and well-being now require a delicate balance of virtual and real world engagement. A few creative approaches to modify current wellness programs include:

  1. Campaigns that are cohesive. Inspiring topics that are relevant and planned out in a meaningful way by month and quarter coordinating activities, workshops, and campaigns.
  2. Programs that cross successfully into the hybrid realm. Create balance between virtual programs that focus on using wellness apps and websites and add the element a human connection through a wellness coach to support group and individualized activities.
  3. Impacting all aspects of well-being and prioritizing mental and emotional health. A holistic approach to support all aspects of whole health in needed in order to enrich human lives.
  4. Mix up communication media. Despite our world becoming increasingly digitalized, there is still a place for the tangible quality of print publications. Ensure that your media complements each other in an integrated manner.

The 3 C’s of Well-Being Program Pairings

Plan a cohesive campaign incorporating communication tools, seminars and activities guides by a wellness coach for a simple hybrid solution balanced for overall Well-Being.

Annual Wellness Calendar is a tangible tool to spread a culture of heath all year long while providing an artistic visual representation of shared values, beliefs and aspirations.
Monthly Healthy Perspectives Digest delivers appealing topics that impact all aspects of well-being in an electronic or print format. 
Experienced and trained wellness coaches present group engagement activities, like seminars (virtually or on-site) and provide individualized one-on-one support for lasting change.
Quarterly well-being challenges stimulate a sense of curiosity and adventure with virtual campaigns to practice healthy decisions and track positive behaviors to strengthen healthy habits.

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