Wellness communications aren’t just one and done. Delivering wellness messages that are meaningful while leveraging promotional opportunities to remind your population of the programs and resources you have is behavior change marketing. A structured communication plan delivering highly engaging content with multiple touch points throughout the year creates awareness, manifests inspiration, and drives action.

It’s already the third week into the new year and if you are like most people, you may still be finalizing your plan. Take a moment to download our 2023 Wellness Newsletter Planning Template to hone your message and finalize your schedule.

“You may delay, but time, will not.” 

Content creation is a process of identifying topics, formalizing strategy, and producing copy. All of which takes time, creativity and lots of proofing and review. A few tips to remember when crafting communications with consistent messaging to shape mindset and build healthy behaviors while promoting resources are:

Messages Influence People in a Positive Way
Content is king and can influence behavior when there is emotional relevance. Content shapes mindset, impacts behavior and gives life and visibility to well-being programs and benefits. An ongoing comprehensive communication plan should deliver messages that are relevant, meaningful, include emotional appeal and action.

Holistic Well-Being Content
Content that is a holistic integration of the eight mutually interdependent dimensions of wellness (environmental, emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, physical and intellectual) delivers intrinsic value.

Utilize Principles of Highly Engaging Content
Competing messages make it difficult to gain and keep your audiences attention and can result in information overload. Overcome the chatter by utilizing by keeping content:

Simple so messages are concise and profound.
Emotionally appealing to elicit feelings.
Concrete with clear ideas that are meaningful.
Credible so ideas are believed.
Unexpected to engage curiosity to be impactful.
Anecdotal for a quicker and more memorable understanding.

Learn more about the Healthy Perspectives Digest, that can be personalized with your branding, customized to promote your programs, benefits and resources or contact us for more information about how to partner with our team for an ongoing consistent communication centerpiece tailored to your population. 

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