Managing the mental health of your employees has never been a greater challenge than in 2020. EAP services are being utilized for webinars and additional outreach, technology is being leveraged through zoom presentations, meditation apps are being provided and now there is talk about mental health counseling through bots using artificial intelligence.

Well-being programs are more important now than ever before. With people working remotely, it is vital that a sense of belonging is maintained and that organizations treat each individual as a vital team member. People need to be reminded that they are still part of a cohesive team that will re-group when things get back to normal.

We can’t lose human connection. Delivering caring messages that address psychological distress by offering coping strategies surrounding general worries about the global situation, social isolation, dependents, relatives and loved ones and their health and economic situation all play a role in affecting workers’ mental health and overall well-being, engagement and productivity.

Optimism and compassion from human to human is healing. Despair is contagious. Technology is a delivery method, not to be confused with or replaced with artificial interactions.

The guidance of professional, cohesive, targeted well-being communications that are relevant to the times, appeal to emotional connection, weighted towards optimistic mindsets and trigger a sense of belonging in a logical order with repetitious guidance served up in an appetizing format will migrate to bottom lines through improved quality of life and increase performance.

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