Any wellness blogs in May are sure to reflect the wellness calendar of health observances and will not be short of health tip topics to choose from. May is the designated awareness month for arthritis, global employee health and fitness, healthy vision, skin cancer detection and prevention, mental health, asthma and allergy, osteoporosis, stroke, and physical fitness. There are also numerous health awareness weeks and days in May, such as World No Tobacco Day on May 31st. 

Care for the Wellness Program Manager

Before choosing a topic for your wellness content, why not take a step back and focus on being mindful of your population’s needs and your needs as well. People want more than just advice, information or customized messaging, they require kindness, resilience and mindfulness. Typically when we think of wellness managers and the job of cultivating a culture of well-being within a population, we think of the manager as the one to promote wellness. A different perspective is to consider how the population can contribute to the well-being of the wellness manager. 

Employee populations can support their own well-being, but also that of their supervisors, managers, and other co-workers through the practice of mindfulness and deliberate kindness. Therapist and mindfulness teacher, Linda Graham, the author of Bouncing Back, stated that “the brain becomes resilient any time we steadily cultivate the positive, pro-social emotions like gratitude, kindness, compassion, serenity.”

Mindful acts of kindness can be as simple as: 

These acts of kindness must be genuine to shape the atmosphere for the better. The greatest kindness that the wellness program manager can show is through example.

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