There is a relationship between a healthy ecosystem and healthy people. Wellness is a multidimensional process that creates awareness of, and helps people make choices to put them on the path to optimal living. Environmental wellness is one of the dimensions of well-being that can be an integral part of your worksite wellness program. Environmental wellness is understanding and respecting the reciprocal relationship between our environment and our health. It includes trying to live in harmony with nature to protect the environment and other living beings on the earth.

The Healthy People 2020 Environmental Heath objectives focus on 6 themes, each of which highlights an element of environmental health with interventions and resources. These themes include air quality, surface and ground water, toxic substances and hazardous waste, homes and communities, infrastructure & surveillance and global health environment.

How to Incorporate Environmental Health Themes into Your Program

Workplace wellness programs should contribute to the improvements of their population’s environmental well-being. Below are themes and tips to incorporate into your program for an eco-friendlier lifestyle:

1- Outdoor air quality. We know the health effects of smoking, but what do we do to keep the air we breathe clean? Poor air quality is linked to cancer, respiratory and heart problems.

Actions to keep the air cleaner include:

Workplace program ideas:

2- Surface and ground water quality. Water is essential to the human body and without it, we would die within a few days.

To reduce water pollution and runoff:

Workplace program ideas:

3- Toxic substances and hazardous waste. Reducing exposure to toxic substances and hazardous waste in the air, water, soil and food is critical to the health of the earth and life.

Companies can take significant steps by:

Workplace program ideas:

4- Homes and communities. People spend most of their time at home, work or school.

To make any home and community a healthier place: 

Workplace program ideas:

5- Infrastructure and surveillance. Personal and societal responsibilities that are respectful to our environment to minimize harm done. Encourage living sustainably with an awareness of the earth’s natural resources and it’s limits.

Workplace program ideas:

6- Global health environment. Population growth and over consumption is pushing species to extinction and leading to climate change and other natural disasters. Promote engagement in the process of improving the environmental wellness by:

Workplace program ideas:

These ideas are just scratching the surface of what a corporate workplace wellness company can do to improve the health of our planet while improving the well-being of their employees. Your wellness program can help open employees awareness to the interconnectedness of more sustainable choices with long-term benefits that impact a healthy life.


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