The National Sleep Foundation is celebrating it’s annual Sleep Awareness Week March 6- 13, to raise awareness for the health benefits of sleep
and it’s importance to safety and productivity.

Encourage your population to get better sleep for:

-Healthy brain function and emotional well-being.
-Immune support, healthy weight, healing and repair of the body. -Elevated mood and increased safety.

 #7Days4BetterSleepDownload this free poster with tips on how better sleep can improve relationship and mood! Healthy Sleep Trackers

You can visit the to download tips and infographics.

Don’t leave your population counting sheep! “Try A Good Night’s Sleep”. This is a 2 week PDF based fun challenge that has employees practicing healthy sleep habits that they track with SHEEP!

At the end of the challenge, employees count the # of sheep remaining to see where they fall
on the Sheep Scale.

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Sleep Scale

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