People need to be reminded that they are still part of a cohesive team. Supporting the mental health of employees has never been a greater challenge than since the Pandemic.

Well-being programs are more important now than ever before. With people working remotely, it is vital that a sense of belonging is maintained and that organizations treat each individual as a vital team member.

We can’t lose human connection. Delivering caring messages that address psychological distress by offering coping strategies, self-care guidance, encouragement and inspiring tips all play a role in affecting workers’ mental health and overall well-being, engagement and productivity.

The guidance of professional, cohesive, targeted well-being communications that are relevant to the times, appeal to emotional connection, weighted towards optimistic mindsets and trigger a sense of belonging in a logical order with repetitious guidance served up in an appetizing format will migrate to bottom lines through improved quality of life and increased performance.

A wellness calendar is a tangible tool that can placed directly into the hands of employees and displayed in a central location as multi-sensory input that creates positive emotions that is always open and available.

Inspired Engagement is the in-house well-being content generator powered by Wellness Coaches, providing effective well-being communication tools and resources for behavior change strategies that shape mindset, promote resources and breathe life into wellness programs. 

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