Google the word health and there is no limit to the number of hits for articles, topics and information. So, the question becomes, with all this health and wellness content available, why don’t we see more behavior change? Despite all the “5 a Day Campaigns” and health information readily available, according to the World Health Organization, the consumption of daily fruits and vegetables worldwide remains below recommended levels.

Wellness Content vs. Wellbeing Content

Wellness content is often primarily focused on physical health and written in terms of facts and statements. No matter which “Wellbeing Model” you subscribe to, the pertinent aspects include social, emotional, environmental, physical, intellectual and spiritual elements to achieve wellbeing.  

The Search for Wellbeing Content

All people experience bad days, feel pain, get tired and stressed. Wellbeing content should be delivered as simple ways to help people put bad days in perspective, live with a sense of purpose and help them feel more satisfied, happy, energized and reach greater balance. Wellbeing content should:

Wellness Content Delivery

Health information such as how many fruits and vegetables to eat, how much exercise to get and other recommendations don’t work, because people do not want to be told what to do. Instead, wellbeing comes from within and content should be delivered in a way that an individual can become more aware of where they are and what they need, to feel happy, balanced and satisfied. It is a human’s natural urge to feel good, they just don’t need to be talked into it.

By shifting perspectives, we can empower people to explore what they really need and guide them with small steps to take.  

Modes of Delivery for Wellbeing Content

Inspired Perspectives offers several ways to incorporate wellbeing content into your culture including:

Wellness Calendars: Incorporate attractive and serene graphics with motivational messaging that promotes wellbeing and vitality all year long.

Wellbeing Digest: Easy to read articles that focus on inspiring movement, nourishing body and mind, health harmony and decision support for medical, financial and other life shaping choices.

Heath Library:  Presents articles, tips, tasty recipes and videos that contribute to wellbeing and can be added to any website or portal seamlessly with no additional usernames or passwords.

Campaigns: Shape your population’s culture and match your wellbeing message with your organizational mission with a custom wellbeing campaign.

Provide your population a powerful framework to generate ideas about how to live better and improve their lives.



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