wellness calendar 2016You may have noticed that 2016 calendars and planners are already hitting the shelves. A printed Wellness Calendar is a tangible gift, which demonstrates your concern and commitment to employee’s well-being. We see requests for our wellness calendar early on in the year and it doesn’t surprise us—a wellness calendar is an excellent way to start a new year. But, why should you provide them to your employees?

Employees appreciate it!  Nothing is as fulfilling as holding something in your hand. Just as a wedding ring shows commitment in a relationship, a wellness calendar shows you care about their health and they appreciate it!

Promote well-being all year long. Plan events and customize your calendar to inspire employees to attend and reach their wellness goals. You can also remind employees of national health months such as “National Blood Donor Month” to encourage them to participate in health screenings and blood drives.

People will use them. They are reminded of health and well-being just by glancing at it. The calendar hangs on the wall like art, it is right there. They don’t have to turn on a phone to see it or compete with social network sites, games or overloaded in-boxes. Electronic calendars are for meetings and managing busy lives, wall calendars sooth and remind one of their purpose.

Inspire your employees in creative ways. Inspiring images, tips, and quotes will motivate employees on a daily basis. Creative ways to inspire employees while holding them accountable will lead to nothing but wellness success.

Remind employees to prioritize their health every day. It’s hard to remind employees to be healthy every day, so let the calendar do the talking. Monthly tips and tricks for a healthy life will allow employees to stay on top of their New Year’s resolutions and wellness goals. Encouraging sleep, breaks throughout the day, and healthy eating habits will make employees feel valued and inspired.

A wellness calendar can fill in the gaps of your wellness program when you’re not having an event or contest. In fact, we can even help you customize it to be as purposeful and inspiring as you’d like. Check out some of our samples here.

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