No matter what your organization’s health and engagement focus or goals are, there is one pillar of health that will help your population achieve optimal health that employees will be happy to engage in. SLEEP. Everyone one wants more energy, to feel rested, manage weight, enhance mood, lower risk for injuries, accidents and illnesses, improve concentration and improve immune function. All of the these benefits are linked to a good night’s sleep!

National Sleep Awareness Week is March 14 – 20, 2021. Help your employees sleep better in 2021 with the The Good Night’s Sleep Challenge!


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WELLNESS CHALLENGE CASE STUDY: California Municipal Organization

Challenge Goal:

Over a 6 week period, participants aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep nightly while practicing these five crucial- sleep friendly habits that were assigned point values:

The challenge was marketed over email to all in-county members with a total population of 5000 estimated members.

Incentives offered:

Participants who earned an average number of points per week by practicing the above healthy sleep habits were entered into a drawing with a change of winning one of the below sleeping aid themed prizes:

In addition, users who completed the entire challenge with a set point average were rewarded 1 point in their Annual Healthy Rewards Program.

Outcomes and Significant Findings:

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