Why Should You “Brand” Your Wellness Program?

Wellness Logo Examples

Wellness Logo Examples

In an age of social media marketing, we all know the importance of establishing a company brand through engagement and reinforcement. Like any company marketing campaign, you also want to establish your wellness brand as well.


Establishing Your Brand

There are many ways for you to establish your wellness brand. Many companies utilize their company logo, as it is easily recognizable to employees. However, this could become mixed up with benefit information and general information regarding the company itself. Wellness communications can get lost in the shuffle without distinctiveness.

Although it may take more work to brainstorm and create, coming up with a company wellness logo and sub-brand is an excellent way to go about it. Utilizing a logo for wellness materials, newsletters, and your intranet will show employees how seriously you take the commitment to your program. This will encourage them to participate in campaigns.

However, a logo alone will not inspire your employees—you want to make your brand accessible, fun, and meaningful. Using a combination of strategies will set you up for success. Technology, such as an intranet and social media, wellness committees, meetings, and communications will allow employees to motivate each other and stay connected to the program. A branded, customized intranet, specifically, is a great way to personalize wellness programs for each individual (include our customized intranet link here). Branded e-mail blasts also allow the company the ability to recognize and motivate employees. It also enables you to get the word out on seasonal campaigns and competitions.

Consider employees when creating your brand.

Develop campaigns and communication styles based on your company demographics. If employees struggle with one wellness program over another, for example, smoking, shift focus. Allowing employees more accessible ways to meet their goals through encouragement and empowerment. Make communications attention grabbing and easy to understand; this will encourage employees through the support of their peers as well as the company itself.

Reinforce Your Brand

The more you use a logo or brand, the more recognizable and familiar it becomes. Ensure you are consistent with your message, logo, and language in each newsletter, e-mail blast, social media post, website, and campaign. This will show your employees you are committed to the promise of assisting them throughout their wellness journey. Allow employees to give input about how the branding and language is working for them, and adjust accordingly. Your employees are your most important assets in making your wellness brand work.

Explore the options for a new fresh look for your wellness program and see what IP can do to help.


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