TIMING is everything. Messages raise levels of awareness each time they are delivered. They also move individuals further along the decision-making process, and can serve to maintain contact during an extended period. If you want to engage your employees, you need to maintain steady communications that deliver the right content, with the right tools, and the right time.

Set a Realistic Schedule
Campaigns reinforce the impact of the message by repetition and provide an opportunity to communicate multiple messages.

What is the action you want your population to take as a result of your campaign?

The Tools
Subtle messages delivered frequently with consistency can have effects on employee’s attitudes and motivations that may transfer to long-term outcomes. A successful communications campaign must include a variety of communications tools that can support your message.

Newsletter– Promote your monthly newsletter with relevant topics that motivate and integrate advertising your benefits, programs and tools.

Email – Rather than one-off messages, deliver monthly emails to your population with a single motivational message, focus and reminder.

Website – Update your website, wellness portal or intranet with fresh content that has eye-catching images that spotlight inspirational and actionable tips. Share testimonials from engaged employees and blog posts that dive deep into your well-being program’s progress.

Social media – Focus on visual content like photos and graphics that grab people’s attention and inspire them to engage.

Creative Content
Messages need to reach and convince your population. You need to meet people where they are at and appeal to their deeply held values using language they can relate to. As part of your campaign realize that information is not enough. Create a real connection with your population using these three C’s of effective communication.

Paint a picture and your messages will be well received.

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