Wellness calendars are an inexpensive way for organizations to market their wellness programs, benefits and resources while connecting with their population with motivational messaging and behavior change.
A wellness calendar can be used to:

1. Set the tone of your engagement/well-being program. Studies conducted by BIC Graphic have found 82% of recipients enjoying getting a calendar. The inspirational messages add to the benefit by showing populations that the company they work for cares about them.

2. Practice behaviors. Monthly well-being challenges focus on one healthy behavior to practice with areas for daily tracking.

3. Set goals for the year. Monthly topics and motivational messages harness the power of focusing on the present and the future.

In this digital age, both paper and digital calendars have their benefits.

Traditional Printed Calendars Remain Popular

There is ritual of many households and offices as the year ends; replacing a calendar on their desk or wall. In the days of smartphones and the internet, one might think the days of paper calendars are numbered, but the data shows otherwise.

Increased sales. In 2015 – 2016 decorative and other calendar sales increased by 8% according to NPD, a consumer research group.
Combine aesthetics with utility. Paper and digital calendars can easily co-exist.
Eases digital overload. A wall calendar will not inundate with notifications, beeps, alerts and messages.

The 2020 Live Inspired Calendar is coming soon. Pre-order by May 31st 2019 for the lowest rates. Personalization and customization available. 

Digital/Online Calendars

Connect with employees where they go everyday; to their online calendars. Most employees live by their daily calendars. Whether it’s scheduling meetings, phone calls, events, work priorities, reminders or to-do lists, we all manage our day one hour at a time using our digital calendars.

Inspire well-being into your populations day and share reminders of important events such as flu shots, open enrollment, seminars, screenings and wellness program reminders without annoying push notifications or excessive emails.

The Live Inspired Online Calendar syncs with Outlook Calendars, Google Calendar and iCal. 

Combine the ritual of a printed wall calendar with the technology of an online calendar to allow well-being to be a continued priority in your population’s daily routines.

**Order the PRINTED and Online 2020 Live Inspired Wellness Calendar together and receive the rest of 2019 in the online format free for the remainder of the year! Includes administrator function to add your organization’s important dates, events and links. 

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