What makes a Wellness Calendar one of the most powerful methods of delivering well-being tips, influencing beliefs, shaping behaviors and leading to successful wellness programs all year long? Here’s a hint, it’s more than just pretty pictures and health information.

Many wellness programs today focus heavily on health metrics people should aim for and behaviors they should be doing, which is important, but we should focus first on the foundation and creating the intrinsic motivation. People are more willing to have a health mindset when invited versus pushed, which is why a wellness calendar is a great communication tool that subtly conveys a healthy perspective with scenery that appeals to their senses, adventures that excite their inner warrior and tips that put their needs first. This is setting a positive foundation for wellness success.

A health and wellness calendar is a tool, not just to count the days of the week or know what month it is, but to transform individuals into a planning mindset that encourages self-reflection, preparation and growth. 

A wellness calendar is a tool to support positive behavior change.

A wellness calendar creates a conscious perspective of good health through verbal and non-verbal messages.

  A wellness calendar offers resources and support. 

 Your population will appreciate a wellness calendar.

The 2019 Live Inspired Wellness Calendar is now available for purchase. Download an electronic sample, view pricing and personalization information or contact us for a quote. 


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