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Wonder what Zombies or Zombie Apocalypse has to do with worksite well-being? There is no end to the love for and popularity of zombies! It’s true of zombie films, TV shows, books and now WELLNESS CHALLENGES.

The CDC knows that zombies = popularity and attention and that’s why they have a CDC Zombie Apocalypse and Preparedness website. What started as a tongue in cheek campaign to engage new audiences with emergency preparedness messages has proven to be a very effective platform.

It can be tough to get people thinking about their health before disaster strikes. Why not plan A Zombie Apocalypse Wellness Challenge to spark some attention and get your population “running for their lives!” Not everyone is ready to run a Zombie 5K, but you can roll out a virtual challenge in time for Halloween that will help get people in shape to outrun the zombies.

The Zombie Survival Challenge is an interactive physical activity challenge that starts in Haiti with ancient zombie folklore. Participants find out the truth about zombies, how they are made, to mimic their walk, what the zombie virus antidote is made of, and the safest place to hide.

For more information about the Zombie Survival Challenge and other fun and interactive wellness challenges visit all available challenges.

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