Summer is over and most wellness programs are wrapping up incentives for the year and gearing up for open enrollment. It’s easy to let wellness efforts drop off, but the transition from Fall to Winter is a critical time for individual wellbeing.

Use this opportunity to:

Use the Excitement of the Holidays to Inspire

Individual minds start to think about and plan for the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is when social eating amps up, stress increases and shopping ensue. Offer guidance for:

Laying a Foundation For Next Year

Energize your efforts by transitioning into your next years program. Connect wellness efforts of the past year with the following year while keeping the momentum strong.  Instead of thinking of January 1st as a “program re-set” consider it coming back from a short break as a “how did you?” check in and adding another layer to the healthy foundation that has been set.

Tools/ Resources You Can Use

  1. Promote a holiday themed challenge where people can “get” themselves a great gift, their healthiest self! Pair with incentive prizes that go with the theme of the challenge.
  2. Give the gift of intrinsic motivation and guidance for thriving. A wellness calendar shows you care, creates a healthy mindset that creates a mental map for thriving, and promotes your program all year long.
  3. Powerful planning template. Now is the time to make your 2019 plan. Break the year up into quarters and months. Layout your topic focus at a high level by quarter, then break up the sub-topics by month relating to the main topic. DOWNLOAD a 2019 Planning Template doc you can use.
  1. Roll out an ongoing custom communication that your population will relate to. Once you have your program topics mapped out, consider what benefits and programs you want to highlight and promote within a customizable newsletter as part of your content marketing strategy.

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